Monday, November 19, 2007

Tatamagouche: HDR experiments

In my last post I made mention of a technique that I was trying out. The method is called High Dynamic Range (HDR) and it basically involves making a series of 3 or more images of the same scene using different exposures to capture a large range of tones in a scene. The images are then run through software where they are aligned and blended and then further adjusted into a single image with a wider tonal range than would normally be possible in a single exposure. The extreme brightness range of the sunrise was a great opportunity to try the technique out. I am fairly pleased with these first results and will experiment with this method more in the future.

These three images were made during the ways of seeing event in Tatamagouche. The first image is shown with it's 3 component images below.

Lawrence in HDR at Tatamagouche

hdr trio

sunrise hdr tatamagouche

tata sunrise hdr


  1. Hey Gordo!

    L-O-V-E the birth photo!!!!

    Very Drool!

    *mentally scanning which wall in my house would showcase it*

  2. omg I mean the birch tree photo.