Saturday, April 14, 2007

Project 40 IV: Shadow Self Portraits

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For the last several months I have been making shadow self portraits in the various places I have been. I see them as a placemark, of where I have been either physically or spiritually, or both. I have come to view them as an ephemeral version of an Inukshuk expressed in the language of light. This series were all made during project 40.

On a more technical note, no tripod was used and there is no photoshop retouching involved. How is it that my hands are free?....


  1. Paul Toner1:26 p.m.

    Hi Gordon,
    Finally had an opportunity to visit your site again: the pictures and reflections they inspire are cool! Project 40 seems to be a lighter way to embrace the inevitable questions that arrive with our aging (I can't believe I am saying things like aging!). How DO you take the picture and leave your hands free?
    Paul Toner

  2. Paul,
    Thanks for visiting.
    I'm glad you asked... I preset the camera exposure and focus and then hold the camera in my teeth and use the self timer.